Rosie And My Election Stuff 2017

Retire- Age 65 is normal and it shouldn’t change because if you retire any younger you might be wasting your life by just sitting round. Also why would you retire when you are still young and fit and you can still earn money. Once you have reached the age 65 at least you know that you have done something with you life, and now you’re at a good age to relax and sit back. (Also your body may be falling apart by then)

What for we vote for and why?            
Labour- Mahana and I would vote for Labour because,
We think Jacinda Ardern is a great leader and she tries to do things that New Zealand would need/like. Also She is a great public talker and she is young and fresh so she has new ideas to bring to the table.

Our own political party                   
Mahana and I would call our political party Patimapa to represent the Maori and Pakeha people in New zealand. We would change the fact that some children don’t have warm clothes full lunch boxes etc… So by doing that we would fundraise some money for the school to buy/cover the cost of those things, so that each child would be happy and ok at school. Because for some families they find it hard to find money for those things.

Describe an election in 100 words.
An election is a serious thing. It decides who will run our country and why. Every 3 years the New Zealand people get to vote out of parties like National, Labour, Maori, Green, New zealand first ect. At the moment Labour and National are the main parties that people are going for. Each party has a leader, for example Nationals leader is Bill english and Labour's leader is Jacinda Ardern, The leader for each party is the person who does debates against the other leaders. They are also the person makes the decisions for their parties. Being a political leader is a big job.


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