My Speech

Put your hand up if you have a friend?
Put your hand up if you are the quiet friend?
Put your hand up if you are the loud friend?
Put your hand up if you are the funny friend?
Put your hand up if you are the crazy friend?

Friends to me come in all different sizes,
Colors, gender and culture. But the most
Important thing about a friend to me is how we
Treat each other, respect each other and how
We support each other.

Friends make me laugh, my smile brighter and
My life better. How i see my friends F. Fight for
You R. Respect you I.Involve you E. Encourage
You N. Needs you D. Deserves you S. stands by

We need to look after our friends because they
are an important part of our lives. Without a friend
It can be very lonely.Can everyone here right now
Can you please turn to you friend beside you
And give them a compliment a hug or a high five.

Then can you please sit down. Did you see what
Just happened?  We were being nice. You should
Do that every time you see your friend. Friends do
Alot for you they are there when you need a shoulder
To cry on they listen and they can help you with

Decision making good or bad but hopefully good. You
Should really think about what your friends do for you
And I hope i really hope you do the same back. Because
you Don’t want to lose your friends. A friend is someone
we turn To when our spirits need a lift. A friend is someone

We treasure, for friendship is a gift. A friend is someone who
Fills our lives with beauty, joy and grace. A friend makes the
World we live in, a better and happier place. Thank you for
listening to my speech, i hope you enjoyed it and hope we
can all look after each other and treasure our friendships.


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