Hanmer Spring pools

As the sun goes and the moon rises we jump out of pola white. “Ready” we all yell with big red tomato cheeks. Walking over to the foot path i turn around “cheese”  Mum yells. She is standing there with the camera I smile. I see heta running then Isis whats going on I say in my head they both jump behind me “cheese” Heta yells “photo bomb” Isis yells. Something is going to go very wrong i say to myself in my head as they land one foot at a time on the ground. Walking up to the counter to get our wristbands for the hot pools. Heta puts his hand done in his pocket to get his wallet wiggling around Heta says “where is my wallet” he runs outside dropping everything then mum runs outside “I better go and help him she says “next” they lady yells. Running outside i say to myself oh no this could be our whole holiday gone. As i get outside i see mum and heta walking towards me did you find it did you I say in a nervous voice “yes luckily” mums says running inside i yell they found it. Looking around i see a little girl blocking her ears. After we get our wristbands we all run to the changing room “i’m going in that one first” “me too” the boys yell. After getting changed isis and I run to the hydro slide. Going down the hydro slide i hear all the kids screaming, running and yelling. The boys yell out from the top of the hydro slide as i’m going down “best holiday” ever “ I agree”.


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