My Family

My Mums Family

My mums name is Katie. My mum has brown hair and she is a dental assistant and she  has a boyfriend called Heta. She is 32 years old.

Heta has two kids Jet and Isis. Jet loves to play soccer and rugby he is ten years old but two weeks younger then me. Isis loves to sit on the couch and play on her phone but sometimes she likes to jump on the tramp. Isis is 13 years old almost 14.

My grandparents live up the road from our school. They live on a farm but about two years ago my grandma died. So its just my poppa. My poppa looks after all the animals like bow but sadly bow ran away we don't know when we haven't even seen him for like two months. So its only sheep, ducks, chickens and one cat also we are getting another dog and horse.

My mum has two sisters auntie Mac and auntie Sal. Auntie Mac has one child called Kaia and one on the way she has a husband called uncle nick and they live right next door to me. Auntie Sal has one cat and lives in Richmond I usually go and stay at hers in the weekend.

 My mum also has two brothers Uncle Cody and Uncle Tyrell. Uncle Cody lives up the road from the our school. He usually works in my granddads water boy track and delivers water. Uncle Tyrell is a builder he has two daughters that are twins and there names are Dakota and Sienna he also has a wife called Nyssa.

Me Mahana I am ten years old turning eleven.  My favourite things to do is play touch, go swimming, talk to my friends or take photos. We have one cat called Meow Meow and she is very feisty. I have one brother called Olly and he is 8 years old and one sister called Tenesha and she is 14 now. 

  My Dads Family

My dads name is Chevron. My dad has black short hair and he is a fisherman he goes out to sea and works on a big boat. He is 35 years old.

My dad has three sisters Auntie Chevelle, Auntie Glory And Auntie Vickie. But I don't really know Auntie Glorry and Auntie Vikie because they live up north. But i do know Auntie Chevelle because she likes in Tasman. Auntie Chevelle has four kids and Uncle Eugene has six kids.

My dad has one brother Uncle OJ. He did live in France because he played rugby over there but he is moving back to New Zealand i hope. He is very tall.

My Nanny and koro. My koro died when i wasn't even born so i didn't really get to meet him. But I still have my nanny. My nanny has black long hair and when where at our dads she comes and stays for a few nights.

That is my family i have a very big family but that's why I have a big heart, because i love them all.


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