Rabbit Island

Mahana School Day Out

On Friday the 17th of February 2017 Mahana School had a day at Rabbit island. Some of the activities we enjoyed was swimming in the rain, making sand castles and running around with a skipping rope down our pants. When we first got there the hole school sat down and had some morning tea then every on got to go and play in the trees in the sand and on the swing. Then we got called in to play a game. The game that we played was where everyone got into a group and they all had to acted like an animal like my group acted like a horse. So we all went into a circle and made up and action for a horse. Then the next game we played was we had to get into our group again and hold hands and get in a line with everyone in the line there were two teachers in the middle so everyone had to face a part of them like my group was facing there bottoms so when they would turn around we would have to run around so we were facing there bottoms again but the groups had to stay together. Then we had lunch after lunch we got to go swimming it was so cold but i still got in. After that it started raining so we went back to school. when we got to school pretty much everyone was talking about it.


  1. Hi, Mahana. Great recount of the day. I am intrigued by the skipping rope game...Hehe.

    Sounds like a fun day, even though it rained. =)

  2. Dear Mahana, well done i really like how you explained what we did at Rabbit Island
    so that people who were not there had a little look in of what fun we had. KA PAI !

  3. Hi Mahana. I like how long and interesting your post Is.because It has everything we did.

  4. hi Mahana' great job on your rabbit Island story

  5. Hi mahana great job on your rabbit Island story.


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